Disability Benefits

If you are turned down for disability benefits and you believe you are entitled to them, file an appeal for reconsideration within sixty days of the denial. If you miss the sixty-day deadline, you’ll have to file a new application. Reconsideration is excluded in the following locations: Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Louisiana, Missouri, Michigan, New York, […]

If you were injured on the job and qualified for workman’s compensation, a family cannot receive benefits worth more than 80 percent of the disabled worker’s previous wages. Both the Social Security disability and worker’s compensation payments are counted against that 80 percent figure. The benefit reductions apply in most states, though there are a […]

Survivor benefit amounts are the same when it comes to disability cases. However, if you are disabled, you can claim your reduced survivor benefits at age fifty, as opposed to age sixty if you are not disabled. The reduced benefit amount at fifty would be 71.5 percent of your deceased spouse’s full retirement benefits. If […]

The rules are the same. For a current spouse, you have to be married for one year or more and be sixty-two or older. Your retirement benefits have to be worth less than 50 percent of the disabled spouse’s disability benefits. The same goes for you as an ex-spouse, except you’ll have to have been […]

The benefit amount is based on your earnings history, just like your retirement benefits. The more you pay into the Social Security program, the higher your monthly checks will be. Disability benefits are paid based on the retirement benefit you would have received if you were at full retirement age when you became disabled. Think […]

Obviously, you’ll need to provide a written assessment from a medical professional about your physical or mental status. Your application for disability benefits is then sent to a special state-run office. An official in that office will review your medical records and other documentation, and then forward an approval or denial recommendation to the Social […]

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