For those who currently collect or are planning to collect Social Security, October 2020 was an important month. Each year, the Social Security Administration (SSA) releases the details on upcoming changes to Social Security benefits for the following year. Social Security benefits will look a bit different for most beneficiaries in 2021. For Baby Boomers […]

Disability is not a subject that we often think about when reviewing Social Security benefits. Optimism could be the culprit – after all, becoming disabled is not something that you think could ever happen to you, especially in your younger years. However, the chances of incurring an injury or disability, especially later in life, are […]

Many Baby Boomers struggle with how to prepare for retirement. In many cases, one of their primary concerns is their financial well being after they decide to stop working. Most feel they have not saved enough, and decide to put off retirement in hopes of bulking up their savings. This is especially evident after the […]

Although retirement can seem like a welcome relief to those of us who work long hours, the fact is that you still have to maintain a source of income after you stop working, lest you wind up destitute. For many Americans, Social Security is the primary method of receiving money after they retire, which means […]

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