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In most cases if you’ve worked and paid into Social Security for more than the required forty quarters to be eligible for benefits, your retirement benefits will exceed those of your spousal benefits as a current or ex-spouse. In other words, spousal benefits usually don’t come into play. That said, if you have never worked […]

Taking Social Security benefits early automatically reduces them. If you wait until full retirement age to collect your spousal benefits, you will receive a monthly check equal to 50 percent of your spouse’s full retirement benefits. The same applies if you are an eligible ex-spouse. In other words, your spousal benefits won’t be reduced no […]

Taking your retirement benefits early will reduce the amount of survivor benefits for your spouse, but your spouse can still get unreduced spousal benefits on your record by waiting until full retirement age to begin receiving monthly Social Security checks. At full retirement age, your spouse’s spousal benefits will be equal to 50 percent of […]

Social Security pays a month behind, so the check received in the month of death is payable. You wouldn’t have to give it back. Notify the Social Security Administration as quickly as possible upon the death of a spouse, if that spouse is drawing Social Security benefits.

Regardless of whether you start your retirement checks before your full retirement age, each child could get a monthly check equal to 50 percent of your full retirement benefits. There is a limit regarding how much Social Security will pay in family benefits. The limit is set at between 150 to 180 percent of you […]

Children can draw benefits on your work record when you begin receiving your retirement benefits. They can receive a check if they’re under the age of eighteen. If they are still in high school at age eighteen, checks will continue until they graduate, or until they turn nineteen, whichever occurs first. Children can draw benefits […]

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