The Social Security Administration has what’s known as a family maximum. In other words, the SSA won’t pay out an unlimited amount in benefits to various members of a family who are drawing benefits on a worker’s record.

In most cases, you will be drawing retirement benefits, not spousal benefits as an ex-spouse. If you are eligible for spousal benefits as an ex-spouse the following scenario could sometimes apply. Your ex-spouse may have a spouse drawing spousal benefits on his or her work record. If your ex-spouse’s current spouse is under sixty-two and caring for children under age sixteen, or who were disabled prior to reaching age twenty-two, the children may also be drawing on your ex-spouse’s record. When multiple family members draw on one record, a family maximum of between 150 to 180 percent of the worker’s retirement benefits applies. The great news for you as an ex-spouse is that the family maximum does not apply to you! Your benefits will not be reduced because of the family maximum.