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Common Questions

  • What are Social Security retirement benefits?
  • Do Social Security personnel give financial advice?
  • How much is the average monthly Social Security check?
  • What are delayed retirement credits?
  • How do I maximize my Social Security benefits?
  • Can I collect Social Security and still work? 
  • Can I collect Social Security if I’ve never worked?
  • Can I stop my benefits after I begin receiving them?
  • When do my Social Security benefits start?
  • What are back Social Security benefits?
  • Do I have to pay federal taxes on my Social Security income?
  • Do sources of retirement income matter?
  • Should I worry about state income taxes on my Social Security?
  • Does every state tax pensions?
  • Will Social Security be there for me?
  • What’s the Windfall Elimination Provision?
  • What’s a government pension offset?
  • My spouse receives Social Security retirement benefit checks. What happens when my spouse dies? Do I have to give back the check issued in the month of death?
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Taking Early Benefits

  • Why shouldn’t I take my Social Security benefits early?
  • Does it ever make sense to take Social Security early?
  • Does taking a reduced Social Security benefit early also mean that my spouse’s benefits will be reduced?
  • If I take spousal benefits early, are they reduced?
  • When does it make sense to take my spousal benefits early?
  • Is it true that if I take Social Security early I won’t start losing money for seventeen years?
  • If we need the income, which spouse should take Social Security benefits early?
  • Does it make sense to use my investments to defer taking my Social Security benefits until age seventy?
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Family & Survivor Benefits

  • What is a family benefit?
  • Can my kids draw Social Security checks on my work record?
  • How much can my kids receive from my Social Security?
  • What is a survivor benefit?
  • How much is my survivor benefit?
  • Can I take my survivor benefits and defer taking my retirement benefits? If so, what’s the advantage?
  • My spouse is deceased. Will getting married again impact my Social Security benefits?
  • My spouse died a long time ago. Do survivor benefits still matter?
  • Can I collect survivor benefits if I got remarried and divorced?
  • I have been collecting Social Security benefits, and my spouse died. Can I switch to survivor benefits if those are higher?
  • Can my kids draw survivor benefits?
    Can I get survivor benefits before age sixty?
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Spousal Benefits

  • What is a spousal benefit?
  • Will a divorce impact my spousal benefits?
  • If I start my own Social Security retirement benefits, can I later file on the work record of my spouse or ex-spouse if half of their retirement benefits are worth more than my own retirement benefits?
  • If I’m divorced but want to remarry, will remarrying impact my Social Security benefits?
  • Can more than one ex-spouse draw on my record?
  • Must my former spouse be drawing Social Security benefits in order for me to draw spousal benefits as an ex-spouse?
  • As an ex-spouse drawing spousal benefits, do I have to worry about family maximums?
  • Can I draw spousal benefits if I’m under sixty-two?
  • Can I draw spousal benefits on my ex-spouse’s record if I’m not sixty-two yet?
  • How do the new Social Security rules impact me?

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